How to Treat and What to Treat

What you have to expect as a patient


Based on the laws of physics both Energy Medicine and Functional Medicine are unsurpassed tools for chronic disease both for diagnostics and treatment. They furnish comprehensive specific data for each individual patient which lead to instantly adjusted therapies. The lack of energy of ill organs including the autonomic nervous system can be explained and cleared in a short time. Thus and accordingly the rapidly improving working power (function) of the ailing organ can be documented.

The patient will feel the improvement.


Treatment: To treat a patient and to improve his health is a very delicate matter. It is not only considered to be an art of the therapist, it also takes commitment and will power of the patient.


There is no doubt that Energy Medicine and Functional Medicine have opened the doors to a new world of healing medicine. However, for best healing results and maximum benefit cooperation between patient and physician is necessary. 


Therefore not everybody is eligible to receive treatment. For instance, individuals who begin and continue to abuse substances such as alcohol, nicotine or especially food, should change their behavior. They may not be aware of their underlying frustrations, which are at the root of their problem. If we start treating these people without their support to abandon chronic intoxication, these individuals may win some battles but not the war. 


Awareness and the will to live must have priority and can be strengthened by the following forces:


-If you want to reach a goal, you need to go for it.

- Becoming aware whether you are constantly producing negative affirmations

  instead of positive thinking. Life should be experienced in a creative way

  instead of choosing depressed, destructive, or aggressive attitude to cope with


- A desire to improve the quality of life by improving health. 
- A desire to experience the 'euphoria' of well-being again.
- The will to live for somebody else.
- The deep will to be of value to society. Things are living in relationship with 

  each other. Energy may be dramatically increased if the individual found new

  meaning and compassion for other individuals. Thence modern psychiatry

  could be even called social psychology.


Synergism: In addition, a synergistic relationship between patient and therapist is required for success. Healing therapy requires more than a 10 minute communication between doctor and therapist. Using modern communication devices, I am always available both for questions and guidance. Monitoring of the patient, after therapy has been established; it is done both by phone and e-mail. 


Water: Another important factor for successful healing is water.  If patients continue to overeat instead of acknowledging that water is the key to health and/or quality of life, they will lose the battle. Whenever there is desire to eat during the day, I recommend to drink a glass of water first. This will jump start metabolism and will reduce the need for solid foods. To burn food, water is essential. Reducing food intake will save our most important cellular organs - the mitochondria. Mitochondria are the only structures where oxgen is combining with food substances and thus producing energy, ATP Adenosin-triphosphate. 


Enzymes: Another important issue are enzymes. Please click on therapies and enzymes for more information. Man is only as strong as his enzymes.


Care: Finally, the therapist must have both something to offer and the will to care.


By using and applying Energy Medicine and Functional Medicine as state of the art holistic approach, and with several methods interacting together, the therapist can open doors now that have not even been seen before.  Detecting psychological, toxic, nutritional, organic and other waste and blockages with the QUINT System and treating them with applied Kinesiology, electro-acupuncture, bio-resonance, homeopathy and other methods can eliminate toxic substances layer by layer like an onion.


Priorities: Priorities must be clearly set. The patient´s priority should be to continue to cleanse the system persistently by following the instructions of the therapy protocol and stay committed to optimal communication with the therapist. Any misunderstandings or existing emotional matters should be freely discussed with the therapist. One should take care to focus on health and not on emotions. Since each health disorder is an individual story and by all means not comparable with any other person's disease, each individual patient will receive an adjusted therapy protocol. Individual data will be the guideline for healing. These data must and can be produced by Holopathy (QUINT) and other Functional Methods (VRT, ONDAMED, Kinesiology) etc. 


Improvement: Usually a person treated with Functional Methods will feel better within a few days and weeks. Symptoms will improve. However, many cases cannot be healed since patients usually discontinue therapy too soon. When feeling better, motivation to win the war instead of a battle subsides. Treatment with several integrated methods is an art and needs good communication between patient and doctor. Ongoing awareness on both sides of that issue is necessary. If therapy runs optimally, a healing period of one month for each year of disease is calculated.


Side effects: These methods are scientifically secure, concerning reliability, efficiency and possible limitations. The greatest enemy of this healing approach is prejudice, that is, if we base our concern on "I don´t know what it is, but I'm against it" or as Goethe said, "We see only what we know."


All of the methods mentioned above are empirically safe and sound. They have proven to be effective in numerous cases. Formal guidelines, such as Computerized Electrography or Bioelectronics, and semi-objective methods, such as Applied Kinesiology, Electro-Acupunture, Homeopathy and others,  provide the sense of direction so that you are not forced to surrender before the battle has started.


Oxygen: Disease may be defined as an imbalance of available oxygen and incorporated food. To burn food without depositing food in the body is a very important goal to strive for. Deposited substances will not only increase feelings of severe frustration, they will also add acids and produce fermentation or malignancies. To improve metabolism, to burn stored substances and to activate the lymphatic system, some physical exercise is vital. Major movements in the US called "wellness" programs show increasing awareness of that fact.   


The ratio between food and oxygen should provide a surplus of oxygen. In other words, as long as we focus predominantly on oxygen intake, we will be on the safe side. How could we focus on that?  Freshly pressed fruit-vegetable juices provide cell energy (Gerson). Freshly pressed vegetable juices regenerate the cells/mitochondria etc. Use the Champion 2000 juicer. A blender would destroy the enzymes.  Reduce food intake, increase water intake and do some physical exercise each day.  Another important way to improve oxygen balance is to eliminate already stored toxic substances. Effective treatment of chronic problems has to do with elimination of toxic substances rather than applying chemical remedies.


Electro-Dermal-Screening, Bioresonance, QUINT System, Kinesiology, and foremost the ONDAMED System are indispensable tools of physics to jump start regulation. Improving regulation means: our organs start working optimally again, because Energy Medicine is focussing on the cellular level. Thus our cells start breathing again properly, they will eliminate toxic waste accordingly, and build up a harmonious electro-physical field with cells of other organs. The harmonious electro-dynamic wave field, says Professor Burr from Yale University, is at the core of life functions. He called those fields L-fields or life fields.


Oxygen therapy according to Professor von Ardenne could be continued at home.


Energy Medicine will prolong your life and improve life quality. My foremost approach to healing is to use any available method, both conventional and functional, such as complementary, integrative, and alternative methods whenever they have empirically proven to be successful. Medical treatment should be eclectic. It must be emphasized that there is wisdom in all - chemical, herbal and homeopathic substances. Black and white thinking would be counterproductive.


Common sense and Functional Medicine are capable of making a difference.


You may feel that swiftly.