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This method produces clear coordinates of our acid-alkaline relation, which is vital for life. The idea is, that virus or bacteria is not the primary cause for a disease, but disease depends upon a specific milieu. A certain matrix or agar, a certain "soil" is needed to breed certain bacteria. The "soil" must be just right. Otherwise everything else would grow on the plate except the desired bacteria. Accordingly Vincent postulated that any disease requires a certain environment to grow. This environment depends upon three main factors:


  • pH of saliva, blood and urine
  • Electron potential of saliva, blood and urine
  • Electrical resistance of saliva, blood and urine 


These factors will give us clear coordinates and sectors in which diseases grow. For instance, dogs live with their coordinates in the tumor sector. Consequently, there are many tumors in older dogs. Snakes live in the exact antipode and never produce tumors. Bioelectronics can be used as essential control parameters to improve the patient´s body fluids.