Bioresonance Therapy


Bioresonance therapy (BRT) normalizes acupuncture points as a cybernetic system.  After 20 years of experience, bioresonance therapy has long passed its test. Therapists both in Germany and overseas have been able to restore quality of life to people who were not helped by regular medicine. The reason for its success is based upon findings from the beginning of the last century.


However, about 20 years ago the German physician Dr. Franz Morell made a major step forward. He knew about Dr. Voll´s acupuncture method. He knew that remedies could be tested through the acupuncture point. Predominantly homeopathic substances were tested, which did indeed normalize the acupuncture point. The acupuncture point did not only improve by swallowing the homeopathic substance but also by keeping it in the hand. This phenomenon provided evidence that homeopathic treatment must be a matter of physics rather than chemistry.


Regarded as a matter of physics, the phenomenon can be explained as follows. Through a resonance testing device, substances can be found to normalize the ailing acupuncture point (i.e., bring it back to 50 units). This happens because the found substance has the opposite electromagnetic wave ("antipode wave") to the positive wave on the acupuncture point. Following that theory, the two waves would erase each other or to speak in physical terms would produce interference.


Like waves on a lake produced by two different thrown stones, the crest of one wave and the trough of the other wave "neutralize" each other. Consequently, toxic substances in the body can be eliminated just by erasing their pathological waves. And the waves - as we know - are one billion times more important than the substance.


For instance, amalgam toxicity can be eliminated simply by using the amalgam, that is to say by using the electromagnetic wave field of that amalgam, reversing those waves 180° and reapplying those reversed waves to the body. This is done with bioresonance. The "antipode" wave eliminates the positive spectrum of the amalgam mixture. No analysis of the mixture is needed. All components will produce waves and these waves are reversed and thus they erase the positive waves. Since in quantum physics the waves of the substance are the main subject, the substance (amalgam) loses its "grip" on the body and is eliminated.  This phenomenon, i.e., using the waves of substances, toxins and so on, for therapy, by reapplying the same waves but after reversing them, is the main and most important idea for healing in quantum medicine.


Returning to the acupuncture point, if more than one substance would correct the point, Voll applied all found substances to the patient. For instance an ailing gall bladder point might react to salmonella, coxsackie viruses, streptococcal toxins and homeopathic substances such as bryonia, sulfur, belladonna and others. Consequently all of these substances would be given to the patient. The acupuncture point would be brought back to 50, to normal, and consequently the related organ would function optimally.


Of course it´s hard work to test thousands of substances to see whether one of them will correct the acupuncture point. It was Morell´s idea to postulate a machine capable of picking up the positive wave from the acupuncture point, turning it 180 degrees and re-applying that wave back to the acupuncture point. Thus all pathological waves of diseased acupuncture points could be erased even without knowing what kind of substances are involved.  (Note that each wave represents a substance.)  Above all one would have a cybernetic system, which would take and give, take and give and each time adapt to the new situation.


It was the German biophysisist, Rasche, who built that device about 22 years ago. It is also interesting that it was a German who invented the fax machine. The fax was later brought back to Germany from Japan. So I hope that we will further promote bioresonance and become aware of the medical potential. Bioresonance represents a tremendously powerful tool but only if accompanied by pulse diagnosis according to Nogier (RAC) and applied kinesiology.


Pulse diagnosis detects which frequency range has to be used to treat patients. Frequencies from 10 Hz to 164 KHz are available in BRT. Applied kinesiology tells us where and what to treat. For instance electrodes may have to be placed around the forehead and around the calves to treat infection and fever. The Austrian, Sissi Karz, established reproducible therapeutic concepts for BRT.