Usually the acupuncture point is treated by a needle to open up energy flow. But the point is tremendously more powerful and useful. It can be used as an information center. A simple testing device enables the doctor to make clear statements about:


  1. Which organ is diseased.
  2. Which organ is responsible for the diseased organ (causal chain).
  3. Which toxic substance like viruses, bacteria, and environmental substances are causing the problem.
  4. Is the patient feeding his/her disease by food not compatible to him/her.
  5. Which trace element cannot be used by the organ.
  6. Which vitamin cannot be used or identified by the organ.
  7. Which enzyme is lacking.
  8. Which hormone is lacking.
  9. How good is the immune system.
  10. Are there any inherited substances that trigger the disease.
  11. Which allergy is involved in each organ.
  12. Is there an autoimmune process going on.  

Which remedy: plant, enzyme, trace element, chemical drug or homeopathic substance could normalize the acupuncture point and consequently the diseased organ.


It bedan about 50 years ago. We credit this method to Dr. Reinhard Voll, a German General Practitioner (GP), who accidentally discovered the possibility of correcting "ailing" acupuncture points. According to his findings the point should measure 50 units on his testing device. Everything below 50 would be a Yin condition (degeneration) and everything above 50 would be a Yang condition. In other words, if the acupuncture point of the liver had a test result of only 35, the patient was suffering from chronic degenerative liver disease even if blood tests showed normal results. Test results above 50 indicated an acute inflammatory condition in the liver. Voll's accomplishment was it, that he found correlating acupuncture points for each organ, and he tested healing substances capable of normalizing the acupuncture point and consequently normalizing the function of the related organ.


It is said that one day one of his wife's low acupuncture points, the point of the gall bladder,  suddenly showed normal test results of 50 units. Checking his testing device, Voll could not find an explanation for this phenomenon until he realized that his wife was holding her remedy in her other hand which she did not do for the first test.  He realized that the remedy, although not swallowed, could normalize the acupuncture point just by being held in the hand. Voll postulated, that this phenomenon must have something to do with laws of physics. Many years later Prof. Rubbia in Geneva, who was heading the CERN, was awarded the Nobel Prize for his findings: "What you cannot touch or see is one billion times more prevalent than matter."  We talk about the electromagnetic wave field that all matter produces. In fact, most of matter is pure energy.


Clearly, Voll normalized his wife´s ailing gall bladder point simply by the electromagnetic wave field of the remedy that his wife was holding in her hand. When his wife put the remedy back on the table, the gall bladder point would show abnormal test results again.  The energetic wave field of the gall bladder remedy normalized the electromagnetic wave field of the acupuncture point and consequently the gall bladder function improved. Mrs. Voll had less complaints.  The remedy apparently improved the electrophysical test result. And Voll knew if the acupuncture point was on 50, the related organ would function optimally.


He discovered that any substance either chemical or natural  -  including a homeopathic remedy - could normalize the 'ailing' acupuncture point. However, he also found out that other than chemical substances, which corrected some points and simultaneously deteriorated others, only homeopathic substances were capable of normalizing all interconnected acupuncture points. Now Voll's issue was it to find substances for each altered acupuncture point capable of bringing it back to 50 units. Later others, like Dr. Dr. Helmut Schimmel, simplified Voll´s testing method by using so-called filter devices. Today, we are capable, without getting any hints from the patient, to produce exact data of any chronic disease just by using only one acupuncture point and not depending on a variety of points like Voll did.