Quint System


The Quint system is the most sophisticated, digital, and computerized method in Electro-Acupuncture available in the medical world. It takes into consideration that all acupuncture points are energetically interrelated as postulated by


                            Chinese Five Element Theory.


Accordingly, all organs are energetically interconnected. That means, if one organ fails to function optimally, all the others are also impacted with dysfunction.


To get good results in therapy the entire (holopathy) interrelated system of dysfunctional organs must be diagnosed and treated. This is done by an innovation from Dr. Christian Steiner from Austria. His Quint System ( Quint=Five, relating to the Chinese Five Elements ) tests a variety of acupuncture points. The method defines the vector of the disease by using a mathematical concept to guaranteed harmonize the energetic system of the patient.  


The Vector within the field of  "Five Elements" will point to the organ which has to be treated most. For instance, a patient complaining about heart failure and additional pancreas disorder may have to be treated through his kidneys if the vector points to the kidneys.


Electro-Acupuncture, like the Quint system finds a vast array of therapeutic blockages. A therapeutic blockade would impair the healing process or even make it impossible. The patient would not respond to therapy.


Blockages are tissues and organs of the body with blocked function. The energetic life flow is stagnating there. Cellular breathing, oxygen uptake and Co2 detox come to a stand still. Fermentation sets in. Blockages may be:


  • Scar blockages.
  • Blockages due to heavy metals.
  • Radioactive fallout substances
  • Transmitter intoxication 
  • Hormonal blockages, such as cortisone.
  • Blockages due to allergy.
  • Psychological blockages.  
  • Inherited toxins.
  • Acquired toxins, such as food blockages.
  • Geopathy.
  • Bacterial, viral, fungal intoxications
  • Blocked trace elements, vitamins, orthomolecular substances, amino acids, neurotransmitters etc.
  • and others


The patient will benefit from this method because the Healing Protocol and Prescriptions will be based on the interconnected energetic failure of the whole body. The individually adjusted protocol for each patient secures response to each problem found. Therefore the QUINT system is also called #Holopathy#


Causal Chain: much emphasis is put on the Causal Chain. That means, for instance, to treat heart disease, we may have to treat the pancreas first , then the colon, then a tooth and after that we are able to treat the heart. Again, blockages could be a simple Scar as Dr. Huneke, a German GP, discovered. 


He proved spontaneous healing results by treating blocked scars with procain injections.


Food Allergies or Food Intolerance can be a major also cause for blockages. That is of major importance. If they are not discovered, the patient continues to feed his or her problem. No effective therapy would be available. There would be an ongoing therapeutic blockage.


Numerous allergens can be found both by skin tests and acupuncture testing. Consequently, treatment could be initiated with Bio-Resonance Therapy and abstinence.


Heavy Metals such as mercury, lead and others are causing severe cellular acidity by enzyme blockage.


Therefore heavy metals must be identified and eliminated biochemically or /and by i.v. infusions such as NaEDTA and DMPS


Hormones: another important factor with possible blockage potential are hormones. A patient, who has received cortisone in the past cannot respond to further treatment until the cortisone blockage is eliminated by Bio-Resonance therapy. Gland insufficiencies must be corrected. And this should definitely not be done just by pouring estrogen into the body. That could produce severe problems. For example, 80% of breast tumors are estrogen-positive, meaning they grow with estrogen. Part of the treatment there would be anti-estrogens. Treating glands and balancing hormonal metabolism means:


1. restoring functions of the endocrine system by detoxifying the system and

2. find the responsible interrelated causal hormone in the Hormonal Cascade.

    For instance: a surplus of estrogen - so called estrogen dominance - may be

    cured by reducing the need of steroid hormones and consequently  

    supporting progesterone.

Focus: another important blockage concerns the "Focus." A focus is determined as a site of inflammation the body cannot metabolize without help. Additionally the focus is projecting its inflammatory process to other organs and preventing effective treatment by draining other organs' energy . A focus blocks any therapeutic approach.


So the focus has to be found and treated selectively. For instance, a typical focus could be a tooth. See also Main Focus therapy with the ONDAMED (Kessler, van Huelsen, Kessler)


Geopathy: severe blockage is also caused by geopathy. As trees will not grow on underground water crossings, human beings - if exposed to underground water crossings - will chronically deteriorate. Blood must have a right physical spin. Blood with a left spin must be treated and corrected.


The phenomenon of Rright and Left Spin has been described in physics.  If polarized light is sent through a cylinder of glucose solution, its level tilts to the right at the end of the cylinder. Fructose causes a left tilt.


Psyche: another blockage could be the psyche. This can be tested by electro-acupuncture. However, to explore the reason for it, Psycho-Kinesiology is needed.


Psychological conflicts can be found and resolved easily by Psycho-Kinesiology (Kaeding).


Acidity: is blocking the metabolism since enzymes are dependent on a proper pH window. Slight changes in acid-base ratio render a rigid biological system incapable to restore health. There are various sources and types of acids due to infection, inflammation, auto immune reactions, parasites, kidney impairment etc.


Several different methods qualify here to give a clear picture of the origin of acidosis (QUINT, ONDAMED, VRT, Homeopathy, and Kinesiology.    


MIASMS: are inherited or aquired toxins, which could make healing impossible if not identified and eliminated

One good example is Tuberculosis. If there are records of Tuberculosis in a family, lifelong weaknes and ailments in their kins may result (e.g. respiratory complaints such as COPD, Asthma, Allergies, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Bronchitis, Cancer)


Another example is Salmonellosis. Marked joint diseases, severe heart problems and abdominal complaints may be prevalent.


Also Borreliosis, a Spirochaetal disease. Spirochaetal bacteria e.g. Syphilis prefer to affect the central nervous system.